Yes, actually the Beijing protest in 1989 was the first year of a color camera was paired with satellite connections and photofax machines, so people can get colored footage out. Because back then, people thought that photos had to be in films.

The police did not understand that photos can go in the telephone lines also, because the engineers did not publish that fact until after the protest; it was a secret that only a few people in the news media knew about at that time. Both of my parents worked in journalism, in media, and they knew about this revolution that’s coming, that is going to redefine journalism forever.

I think they understood the impact that this will do, but they did not fully appreciate that everybody will be a writer, will be a journalist, will be a blogger, that it’s not just them anymore. Most people working in the media at that time did not anticipate that everybody would become a journalist in just 10 years’ time.

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