Along the street were some houses and stores. They used to live here and do business, or it was their family. You can see the barriers over there, the green barrier. Inside this land is going to be sold to big companies or hotels that may do a financial center or a tourist industry here.

But these things actually have nothing to do with the people who used to live here. They are gone, and they got nothing. They got sued, in addition. Here used to be space with memories and interpersonal relationships. Some people who used to live here were very old. This could be their final places. This could be their only place in their life.

I think it’s too cruel, and it’s unreasonable. Most of the time we simply accept the information and the picture made by the mainstream media, and the mainstream media always stands with, let’s say, the government and the people with power. It still has a long time and a long way to go to tell everything to everybody. That is the whole thing we are trying to do.

You may say that we are doing something that is unrelated to us, but actually not, because the future is ours. [laughs] If the future is not changed, then that will be our future. It’s a problem.

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